Perfect cupcake icing: How to make Italian meringue buttercream (Part 2)

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25 Responses to “Perfect cupcake icing: How to make Italian meringue buttercream (Part 2)”

  1. saraluvsjesus1

    Your voice is soooo calming! That was amazing i really want to be a baker
    when i grow up and youtube is super helpful :) thanks for the awesome video :) I subscribed too

  2. CupcakeIdeasForYou

    Yeah! You make it look easy to do. But I will never afraid to give a try
    making those lovely cupcakes. Great video!

  3. Piyapat

    I like her voice

  4. boycesinbrazil

    you are so good and smart !!

  5. PiokoMew

    I like the idea of holding the icing bag in a vase. Handy!

  6. Gary Murphy

    will the butterflies last if you was to make a few too many and for how
    long .

  7. Doomzee Mcinley

    Ur Amaaazing ! I like ur voice , its perfect and soo calm

  8. SweetMillefeuille

    what a lovely zinnia flower on a cupcake.

  9. VANDALA1031

    Absolutely stunning !

  10. yanni5473

    i like your accent, really nice, do you have an buttercream recipe to share
    with my> thanks

  11. Doomzee Mcinley

    Ur Amaaazing !

  12. deedeelauj

    how do u make the wanderin how do u make cake icing too..thanks!

  13. salmidy

    i have just made this for the first time, where has this recipe been all my
    life, never again will i use gritty icing sugar, i also did this decoration
    after a few practices on the board i got it, i am very much a novice but im
    so pleased with them , thank you

  14. God

    I almost fell asleep, cos the music was so soothing…I felt like i was in
    the womb o.0

  15. Brittany Hogue

    hi darling, where can i buy those butterfly cutters?

  16. OncNurseSpursSoccerChick Clayton

    Wow!!! FABULOUS!!!!!! LOVE IT & cannot wait to try it later today !!!

  17. luviarose

    me encanto, felicidades eres una artista…….

  18. Katarzyna Szandecka


  19. jmillette77

    These would look beautiful for Mothers’ Day. They look like a lot of work,
    but if you love doing this kind of stuff, it’s worth it!

  20. maikor3

    gorgeous too pretty to eat ^^

  21. Sally Shaar

    most beautiful voice i ever heard :]

  22. mukwah1111

    Outstanding ! Beautiful ! Fussy but it looks like they are worth it. Thanks
    so much for demonstrating it for us. !

  23. tali cohen

    Every thing went along great until I added the butter and the cream turned
    very thin and watery. I can’t understand why?

  24. CakeLady829

    Very pretty!!! I can’t wait to try to make the IMBC and the butterflies.

  25. Eseercam

    Thanks for sharing…you ROCK!

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