how to make a cupcake

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5 Responses to “how to make a cupcake”

  1. TheKookies101

    what symbol did you use for the logo cuz i cant find it????? luv the video
    honey, absoloutely awesome thx !!! it really helped me a lot.

  2. TheChrystiella

    It’s a Cherry not a button, and I luved it!!!!

  3. devilishsweets

    @TheKookies101 i think it’s sort of a combination.. but idk what shape
    combines with what :p

  4. crazycookie231

    I didn’t like it i with the button.It like ruined it. But still great
    video! Thumps up!

  5. bottlebabe101

    luv this vid and make more plzI

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